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And I will be supplying exclusive live coverage!!!

So because I am so happy here everyone who posts here will win two thousand dollars

So here is the famous clip you have been waiting for every Clock Day since the first. Bask in it's glory


Clues led me here to an article that was encoded. I used my top cryptology skills to decode the message. Then I found the URL encoded somewhere. Which led to a whiled motorcycle chase to Berlin once there I got access to a laptop computer. The Url is a Currently deleted page that I got the webmaster to delete. I will not return it unless if I am given a ,$ 60,000,000 in cash and a helicopter out of here.

You had your chance!

Long live secretclock!

ZeckeySpaceyLizard, Fat Badger and Blue Hippo are gay. piss hentai

2008-07-28 16:48:09 by SecretClock

No they ain't, they just greEEen. [discuss angerly why they are not gay and let me lol]
becuz i think u are so hot here is a picture of what I want to do to you

ZeckeySpaceyLizard, Fat Badger and Blue Hippo are gay. piss hentai

Dear Blue Hippo

2008-07-08 22:42:19 by SecretClock

Ass and titties. That is all.

Dear Blue Hippo

Luis is the biggest little girl ever, so what? Don't make fun of him just because he has a huge lollypop that he can entirely fit in his mouth. Just because he likes to fantasize about huge cocks shaped like lollypops. So don't make fun of him cuz luis is a pimp.

Luis is the biggest little girl ever

K0rkz has passed on

2008-07-07 12:01:31 by SecretClock

I will miss him, he was a good friend who cared alot about other people. Pay your respects here if you'd like.

My Own Portal: APRILGROUNDS!!!!

2008-06-25 23:40:00 by SecretClock

So I have created my own flash portal:
Sign up here to add your flash to the viewing list!!!!
Here's two of mine:

1) Cheesus is a faggot pee PeE Honkey HentAi furry wankeR by: April Fulp
Current score: 5.1 out of 5

2) Harold and Kumar: Become Spartans by: April Fulp
Current score: 5 out of 5
5 Awards: Daily 1st, Best of the Month, April Love Flash Award, Turd of the Week, Turd of the Month, Turd of the Year

3)Something for the Kids by: K0RKZ
Current score: 69 out of 5
2 Awards: Oscar for best animation in a feature film, Nobel Prize

Cash Rewards: 2.98 cents and an old sticker

UPDATE: we have gone from 2 flash submissions to 3 submissions. HOLY SHIT WERE FAMOUS

Rob sez:
We have new items on sale in the story, just let me clean out my pockets and see what we have here. The metal queer collab is starting too. PM me if you want a part in it and if there is not a bunch of dicks in it your part will be deleted and your account WILL BE siezed by the FBI.

Richard Banger sez: NEWGROUNDS RUMBLE II: Newgrounds Rubmle 2 is now in stores fo the Nintendo DS, The DS version is based on Newgrounds Rumble II which was submitted to the portal by a flash master.

Join here, tell your friends (this is an alternative to the NG BBS) S/index.php?act=idx

My Own Portal: APRILGROUNDS!!!!

ATTN: Cock Crew Makes Illegal Hentai

2008-06-22 21:34:56 by SecretClock


Everyone who posts here will win a new car

2008-06-12 17:39:37 by SecretClock

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I am making a gansta video of Rupeeclock and his furries. I am soooooo excited that everyone who posts here will win a new car, my pee pee is TINGLEING. OOOOOOHOHOHOHO.

Also a new few episodes of Ackbar NEM will be coming out this month.

Me and Chriswalkingclock are making a new Political video with Hillary and Obama.

Oh I almost forgot:

Everyone who posts here will win a new car

Chris Walking Clock is a fucking musical genious